Holiday Entitlements for Carers

As the holidays are upon us, we thought it was worth reminding ourselves how carer’s holiday entitlements work. We spoke to Nannytax, who expertly guided us through the ins and outs of calculating holiday time off. What should a nanny or carer expect by way of a holiday?


Nannytax: UK guidelines are clear around basic holiday entitlement, but there are a lot of variables to consider. Is the carer working full-time or part-time? Is she in a temporary position?


When calculating holiday entitlement, bank holidays are included: a full time nanny or carer will have a statutory minimum of 28 days off including bank holidays. Therefore if the nanny or carer takes all the bank holidays off, of which there are usually 8 per year, they will have 20 days remaining. How do I calculate when that holiday should be taken?


Nannytax: Holiday can only be taken as it has been accrued, so if nanny takes more time off than she is entitled to for the duration of her employment, the employer has the right to withhold a portion of her final salary as compensation. Some nannies work in nanny shares, and some carers work part-time, how should I calculate that?


Nannytax: This is a situation that arises more and more frequently as families look to spread the cost of care. In these cases, we suggest that holiday entitlement is calculated by the number of hours a nanny works per week or the number of days a nanny works per week. It is recommended to calculate holiday entitlement based on hours when a nanny works different hours on different days.


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The table below illustrates the number of entitled days off per annum depending on the number of days worked per week.


The table below illustrates the number of entitled hours off per annum depending on the number of hours worked per week.


Bank Holidays

If a bank holiday falls on a weekend day, the holiday defaults to the next working day.



1. All full-time employees in the UK are entitled to 28 days or 5.6 weeks of paid holiday per year.

2. The 28 days may or may not include the bank holidays.

3. Part-time nannies can calculate their holiday entitlement (pro rata) by multiplying the number of days they work a week by 5.6: E.g., 2 days x 5.6 weeks = 11.2 days of holiday entitlement per year.

4. Or calculate part-time hours as follows: E.g., 30 hours x 5.6 weeks = 168 hours of holiday entitlement per year.


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